It came from Steam: Planetside 2


There is nothing like Planetside 2 (PS2), which is personally my favorite video game. Only one word can describe how great PS2 is: EPIC.

Originally created by Sony Online Entertainment, then bought by Daybreak Games, this game was released on November 20, 2012. Not much lore is available for it, but it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game combined with First Person Shooter. And it’s 100% free.

Planetside 2 is incredibly innovative. Basically, there are three factions you can play as, with 6 different classes, wielding different weapons for specific roles. The war started on November 20, 2012 and is still continuing to this day. Planetside 2 is an open world sandbox, so the battle continues after you log off. This game is perfect to play hours on end, especially when you are outfit (guild) leader of 600 people. There is NOTHING like a 4 hour long 100 vs 100 vs 100 battle on a single map with guns, tanks, atvs, buggies, gunships, fighters, jetpacks, invisibility, and explosions everywhere. Now I don’t want to be misleading. Those fight probably happen every few months, but when they do, everyone gets excited.

This game requires a lot of teamwork, you’ve realized by now. But some people decide to play solo. That’s ok, but it’s nowhere near as good as with friends and strangers. The community is so awesome, which made a commemoration video for those who lost their lives in the Paris attack as well as a commemoration for a well known guild leader who passed from cancer. In terms of balance, Planetside 2 is completely unfair– in a good way, though. Every single battle is unpredictable so people usually argue that faction are overpowered or underpowered when in reality, some fight compliment a factions fighting style over others.
Planetside 2 has a higher learning curve than most FPS games, primarily because of all the class abilities, player play-style, and gun recoil on every weapon. With that said, it’s still a fun game once you get used to it. You die ALOT. Mostly because someone is better than you. That’s why a lot of new people don’t stick around. Once you get a good grip and join a squad, Planetside 2 is a memorable experience.

Gameplay: 10/10. Everyday is a different unpredictable fight. Graphics: 10/10. This game takes place on 4 continents. The graphic are amazing, and the scenery is awesome too. Nothing better than watching that sunset fall over the canyon horizon after a 10 minute battle. Multiplayer: 10/10. When squads start converging to capture a major base and someone plays Flight of the Valkyries on public voice chat makes it all the better.

Planetside 2 had had its fair share of bugs, like all games, but they’re not that bad. Seeing a flying tank doesn’t get me mad. It’s kind of funny, until you realize you have to take two minutes to restart the game. The thing about this game is that you need a beefy PC/laptop to play it on. The ping is real. The lag is real. The latency is real. If you’re running it on a toaster, turning down to the lowest setting will give you 20 frames per second max.

Final topic: Is Planetside 2 pay to win? Simple answer. No. “But what about all of the $7 guns? What about all the $3 gear? What about all the vehicle and aircraft weapons up for sale?” Questions asked by people who never really gave the game a chance. Everything is basically cosmetic. New helmets and gear don’t give you anything but looks. Guns are basically reskins. One can be high in damage and low in fire rate, and another will be low in damage and high in firerate. In the end, you don’t have to spend a single penny if you don’t want to. Some spend $1000, some spend $0. A level 1 player has the same ability to kill a lvl 100 player, so no one is ever stronger or weaker.

If you’re an FPS fan and you’ve been living under a rock, Planetside 2 is waiting for you.


Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

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