Last minute one act change

In March & April, the DSHS Theater Department will participate in the UIL One Act Play Competition. The play they were originally going to perform was Boeing! Boeing!— but that is no longer the case. Due to last minute complications, the theater department has changed the show. The new play is now Arsenic and Old Lace.

“You can use Boeing! Boeing! in competition as long as it’s full length. You cannot cut the script down to time and take it to a competition,” Rob Thomas said. He was to play Robert in Boeing! Boeing!, but a week into the rehearsals, Technical director, James Orozco— substituting for head of the theater department, Rachel Koske, who is soon to be on maternity leave— found that the publishing house took away the rights to Boeing! Boeing! “The rights to perform the play, Boeing! Boeing!, were pulled by the publishing house because the play is not approved for cutting with competition use. It was flagged as such on their website so we missed it until it was too late,” said Koske.

They take a full length play and cut it down to 40 minutes, hence one act. That is the UIL One Act Play regulation. And which is what they did— just with the wrong play.

Boeing! Boeing! featured a cast of 2 males, 4 female, and 4 alternates, but now, since the play has been changed, students are acting different roles with new cast members included. This setback has challenged the Theater Department teachers, using up the entire weekend, (2/5-2/7) to find a new play. Now, another week is being used to reassign roles and find a suitable time to cut the play down. Have faith in our school’s theater department, though. I believe that, even though they are now faced with this immense challenge, they will prevail in the competition against 1300 schools.


Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

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