Welding student wins grand champion

High School is a time for young adults to try new things and figure out what they have a knack for. Many kids take interest in sports, fine arts, or join interesting clubs. However, there are always students who use their spare time to start a more unique hobby different from that of anyone else. Senior Caleb Beach is one such example.

He has developed an unusual talent for the art of welding, and has spent a great deal of time perfecting his work and winning awards.

“I decided my junior year to go into intro to welding,” Beach said. “I really enjoyed it.”

Beach continued to take welding at the school and eventually decided that he had an impressive talent for it. He began to pursue his talent further.

“Over the Summer I met with a blacksmith out in West Texas,” Beach said. “Once I went to his shop and saw what he did, I was kind of like, ‘hey, I really want to do something like this.’ ”

Beach’s most recent accomplishment, a very life-like metal eagle, was the pinnacle of success for him. The eagle took an extreme amount of dedication and hard work to complete.

“At the beginning of senior year when I was in advanced welding I knew I wanted to make an eagle,” Beach said. “Overall it took 225 hours to complete the whole thing.”

With the support of his welding teacher, Beach decided to enter his eagle in a competition.

Overall, he and his teacher were confident about his chances to win.

“My welding teacher told me about the county show and said if I entered it, I would probably win,” Beach said.

The eagle not only impressed Beach’s welding teacher, but also to the people at the county show.

“Sure enough [the eagle] won grand champion,” Beach said.

Beach has a bright future ahead of him for his welding career and work.

“I’m glad I got my name out there because this is what I would love to do for a career someday,” Beach said.

Written by Rylee Matousek

Staff Writer & Online Editor

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