The Dripping Springs varsity wrestling team will be taking six young men to regionals on Feb, 12th. Feb, 13th. This will determine who will go to state or not.

Senior Luke Hodsden has been wrestling and competing since he was five years old so it was no surprise when he won first place last year at state for his weight class.

“This will be my fourth and final trip to regionals,” senior, Luke Hodsden said. “For me regionals is a practice round for states, which is on Feb, 19th and 20th.”

Hodsden has put in a lot of practice to achieve his accomplishments.

“I lift every morning and I for high school practices a week and four private training practices at 3F a week (3F is club wrestling),” he said. “Everyday I’m am doing something to get better and I train very hard with just enough rest to avoid overtraining.”

Hodsden has a lot of goals set for himself this year as well.

“Last year my goal was to beat everyone and go undefeated,” he said. “This year my goal has been to pin everyone and dominate every match.”

Nobody has has been able to take Hodsden down or reverse him this year.

“I want to be an All-American by the time I graduate,” he said.

Head coach Joe Kirksey would like to see all six of the guys finish in the top four this weekend and go to state. Unfortunately, if you don’t place in regionals your wrestling season is over for this year. There has also been a lot of improvements this year on the wrestling team as well.

“Probably the most improved is Will Corona,” Kirksey said. “This year he has a winning record and has twenty wins”

Will Corona will also be going to regionals as well.

“Practice is every day, we practice Monday through Thursday,” said Kirksey. “They’re two hour practices and can get pretty tough.”

Everybody that is still on the team and is able to endure the practices says a lot about that person.

“I’ve had fun with the guys this year, they’re definitely an interesting church to watch,” Kirksey said. “They’re been great.”

The biggest take away for Coach Kirksey this year is the team’s dual meet record.

“We were 10-9 last year and this year we were 18-6,” Kirksey said. “We’re a better dual meet team.”

Stay tuned for the results of regionals and who will be going to state!


Written by Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor