PTSA member with all the baked goods they made for teachers.

After hours upon hours of teaching, the best way for teachers to feel that all their effort has been appreciated is to walk in to the teachers lounge and see that an array of foods and gifts have been made in honor of them.

These gifts vary from cupcakes, to cookies, to cake pops. All of which are there to say “we appreciate all the hard work you do” and to celebrate the upcoming holiday of Valentine’s Day.

On Wednesday February 10th, the PTSA put together a cookie caper in the teacher’s lounge in order to demonstrate how they are grateful for all they do for their kids.

“We want to thank our great teachers and staff for all the hard work they do,” PTSA member Sally Beggs said. “It’s just a way to do a sweet thing for them and break up the winter months.”

The PTSA values all that the staff does to better their children and they work hard to make sure teachers know how much they are appreciated.

“We aimed to make 70 dozen goodies,” Beggs said. “We have chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon cupcakes, and sugar cookies. You name it, we’ve got almost everything here.”

This didn’t just happen without a delicate system however. There was a set process that allowed everything to flow so perfectly, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without our strong volunteer team.

“For people who work and volunteer at the school, it helps us put faces to the teachers of our kids,” Beggs said. “And it’s a great way to give back.”

The cookie caper was successful in that teachers and staff enjoyed all the treats and felt the full appreciation of the PTSA. The team of parents is looking forward to emulating this in the future and for years to come.

Written by Kerry James

Staff Writer