IMG_0370.JPGThe Dripping Springs Hi-Steppers competed at the HTE Competition in New Braunfels on the weekend of February 6th.

Hi-Stepper coach, Mrs. Neef, says the team placed well in the competition.

“It went really well. Our officers were grand champions, so they won the whole varsity officer division,” Neef said. ” They won first out of four teams. Our team won their division, and that was out of three schools.”

The HTE competition helps the team get feedback on their routines.

“HTE is a dance team company. This competition is one of the regional competitions, so it leads up to their national competition in April,” Neef said. “We just get evaluated on our three team dances and three officer dances and we try to place with those.”

The team performed a modern routine, a lyrical routine, and kick routine. The officers did a modern routine, a contemporary routine, and lyrical routine.

“The officer jazz dance was probably the one that we choreographed the most,” Neef said. “Team modern was a piece we did in spring show last year, so we just modified it for contest. All the other pieces were choreographed by other people.”

Though a strong team now, Neef shares how the hi-steppers struggled a little at the beginning of the semester.

“They really struggled with team work, but they’ve done a lot of work. I think I would say right now that that is probably their greatest strength because they really tried to focus on it,” Neef said. “They focused on trusting each other and supporting each other more than they had last semester. At this moment, I would say the teams strongest strength is teamwork.”

Second year Hi-Stepper Sophomore Jillian Bohuslav shares that she enjoys the dance team’s atmosphere.

“I think I just love the community and how you always have a friend when you’re in Hi-Steppers,” she said. “You always have a place to go where you fit in.”

Second year Hi-Stepper and spirit leader, Bridget Roberts, enjoys the synchronization of the team.

“I like how it’s a sisterhood. You always have a friend,” she said. “It feels good because you feel the energy around you. All the girls are trying there hardest and you all move like one. Its really cool.”

With a little bit of work, Neef believes the team will be ready for nationals and that they will do very well in the competition.

Written by Veronica Lopez

Staff Writer