The girls’ soccer teams are among the highest performing athletes at Dripping  Springs High School. Amidst injuries and illness, and with the possibility of playoffs in the near future, the soccer girls have been putting in countless hours of hard practice to achieve their goals.

“[We’ve been] playing some top-notch teams, but for the most part we’re playing up to their level,”  junior Hailey Hodsden said.

The soccer season has been going well for the players, but their ultimate goal is to make it to playoffs.

“The top four teams in our district move on to playoffs, so we think we have a good shot at achieving our goal if we play as well as we’re capable,” Hodsden said.

The success of the girls’ soccer team doesn’t seem to come just from putting in hard word at practice, but rather stems from the close bond that the girls have with eachother.

“Our team this year is really close, which makes playing a lot of fun,” expressed Hodsden.

Senior co-captain Leah Humpert agrees that this years’ team has proven closer than previous years.

“[The season] has had some challenges, but I think we’re more of a team than we were last year,” said Humpert.

Although the girls have a strong bond and are playing better than previous years, injuries have left the team with some difficulties.

“We’ve had a lot of injuries and illnesses, which most of the time only keeps people out for a game or so, which is fortunate for us,” explained Humpert.

Humpert is currently unable to play due to both sickness as well as a sprained ankle, but with the promise of making it to playoffs, she hopes she can recover fast enough to play with her team one final time.

“Soccer is a rough sport,” said Hodsden. “A large portion of our team has had to take some time off at least once this season after being injured in a game.”

With playoffs approaching their success and unity is enough for the girls to stay confident.

“We’re only going to get better from here,” said Hodsden.

Written by Rylee Matousak

Online Editor & Staff Writer