With the Georgetown Eagles creeping up behind the young Tiger Tennis team, the pressure on each and every player’s shoulders was unimaginable.

So when the Tiger’s were declared the winners of this match, everyone was jumping up and down with joy. But no one was more thrilled than senior Kirsten Caldwell.

“It was crazy close,” said Caldwell. “It was really cool to win though because we went in thinking they were better with us, but we eventually came out with the win.”

And with such a clear dynamic present, it was easy to see why the Tigers were able to pull out the win against such a tough competitor.

But this seemingly effortless team dynamic has not always been so blatantly present. With the team being so young, it was unclear if the group of players was going to be able to have such a strong bond at the beginning of the season.

“Everyone cheers for each other when they are playing their matches and it really motivates them to work harder,” Caldwell said.

Because tennis is such an individualized sport, many non-participants believe that the team’s demeanor has no effect on the outcomes of each match whatsoever.

“It has really helped trust each other and deal with the pressure better,” said Caldwell.

This trust is what has allowed the group to bond even more and become a family, it is also why team veteran Caldwell has come to love the sport.

“Even if you are the underdog,” Caldwell said. “If you are mentally tougher than your opponent you can pull through and beat them.”

And this mental stability is what has made all the difference for this young Dripping Springs team.

Written by Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer