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Dripping Springs High School recently hosted the HEB Grant Committee to tour the school and interview students and staff. DSHS acquired this honor on Wednesday, February 3rd, after becoming a finalist for the HEB Excellence in Education award.

DSHS principal, Joe Burns, says that he is very proud that Dripping Springs is one of the few finalists nominated for the award.

“It’s awesome to know that we are one the three finalists throughout the state competing for the award,” said Burns.

The award is not decided on one category, but is rather an based on many aspects, programs and stats. Because the competition takes into account many different school programs, the judges interviewed different people involved in those programs.

“The judges asked for explanations and details of programs the school has and how they’re serving our kids,” said Burns.

Student body president, Hank Cohen, says that he along with district and community representatives were asked questions regarding the school’s performance and contribution to the community.

“We all came together to help the committee understand what our district does with certain programs and what other things it does well,” said Cohen. “We talked a good deal about how our students partner with members of the community and businesses in order to benefit both the district and the community.”

Along with the pride the award will bring, there is also a substantial monetary reward that comes with winning.

“There is a generous cash amount that comes with the award so that would be nice,” Burns said. “The award is $50,000 this year, so that would be awesome for the district.”

Cohen believes that DSHS has a strong chance of winning the award, thanks to the experience and skills of both district and community leaders.

“I believe the tour was very successful overall and that interviews couldn’t have gone better,” said Cohen. “All the members of the district committee were very experienced and very articulate, so we have a very good chance of getting the award.”

Written by J.T. Dahill

Staff Writer