This year the girls lacrosse team at DSHS has moved up from JV to the D2 title.

“This season has already started better than we ended last year,” assistant coach Brian Sheppard said. “I think the big difference is that we have almost half the team that are returning players or girls that have played before.”

Sheppard indicated that the plans for this season is to get the ground ball and passing game “on point”.

With improvement and continuing to practice and condition the DSHS lacrosse team will easily be able to achieve their goals.

“I’m looking forward to improving as a team,” head coach Catlin Brown said. “We have thirty players this year and it’s been amazing to see last year’s players help new ones learn and grow.”

This year the lacrosse team has a strong unique group of girls this year, this year has a lot of potential to do well this season.

“I think we have a good chance of winning a lot of our games this year,” Sheppard said. “Last year we didn’t win any games but we never shut out either.”

This program is still a young program and still remains to have a lot of growing left to do.

“This sport is growing and gaining popularity all over the state,” Sheppard said. “We have a great group of young women and with hard work and a little luck I think we can make it to the playoffs.”

Feb. 6th was their first tournament, and was a great game for the Lady Tigers.

“The defense really stepped up and locked down their shooters,” Sheppard said. “We had a lot of shots on goal but just couldn’t seem to find the back of the net.”

In preparations for the next game, the Lady Tigers plan to get the ground ball and passing game “on point”.

“I think this season has the potential to be really good compared to last years season,” said goalie, junior Roz Sheppard.

Written by Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor