Hodsden signs with West Point



There comes a time for every high school student to decide their futures, to choose what college they’ll go to, and choose what career they want to pursue. They have to choose what the rest of their life will look like all at once. Senior Luke Hodsden  has been waiting for this moment since he was 5 years old.

Hodsden’s interest in wrestling started when he was a just a small child in New Hampshire.

“My dad had wrestled in high school, so he thought that it would be a cool thing for me to start doing,” Hodsden said.

However, wrestling is not the only sport Hodsden has tried his luck at.

“I’ve played a bunch of sports since then,” he said. “I’ve played soccer, baseball, football, and track. But wrestling has been the one constant sport in my life. Ever since I can remember wrestling has always been a really important part of my life.”

Wrestling has not only been a recreational sport for Hodsden,  but has also helped him grow as a person.

“It’s important to me because it really has helped build my character and who I am,” Hodsden said. “It’s given me mental toughness, determination, setting goals and getting them accomplished, things like that. Things that apply to real life I’ve learned through the sport of wrestling.”

While on the mat, there is only one thing that Hodsden has on his mind.

“You want to think about exposing the other person’s weaknesses, using good technique, staying in a good position, and being aggressive,” Hodsden said.

Hodsden not only enjoys wrestling, but it also helps him get away from things in his life.

“Wrestling does help me get away from things. Especially when school is really busy. I try and take all the hardest classes I can and then wrestling is kind of like an escape,” Hodsden said. “This year I’m in six AP classes. I’m taking Calculus, AP Physics 2, and basically all the hardest classes this school has to offer. Once you’re on the mat you have to put everything like school and family out of the picture and you just focus on wrestling.”

Though a hard task with all of his AP classes, Hodsden manages to balance everything well.

“You just have to have good time management and be smart. There’s not a lot of time for parties or hanging out,” Hodsden said. “Basically its all school and work and wrestling. It’s tough but it pays off.”

Hodsden recently decided on what college he is attending and signed with the school.

“I am going to The United States Military Academy at West Point,” he said, “It’s a military academy up in New York.”

Hodsden is not the first in his family to go into the military.

“My father was a Colonel in Vietnam. Both of my parents were in the Army, they were both Captains. I also have three Uncles and and Aunts that graduated from West Point,” Hodsden said. “When I graduate I’m going to spend four years in the Army as a Second Lieutenant and then as a captain. I’m wrestling in college, I’ll have to balance the workload of Military, Academics and Wrestling.”

Hodsden thinks that wrestling in high school will help him when he starts the army.

“There’s a lot of stuff in wresting that applies directly to the Army,” he said, “Just being really mentally tough and being disciplined with what you eat and your workouts and everything you do, I think that will transfer well to the Military.”

Hodsden is very thankful for all that his coaches have done for him.

“My high school coach is Joe Kirksey. Its his second year here. He’s a really good coach. He’s involved, like he’ll wrestle with me. He teaches all the new guys,” Hodsden said. “In Hudson Bend I go to a private training place called 3F Wrestling and the coach there is Will Mckinney. All the people in the central region go practice there. That’s where I can get the best technique training.”

All in all Hodsden feels ready and excited for his future in wrestling and in the army.

Written by Veronica Lopez

Staff Writer

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