“But wait, what do you guys even do after football season?”

In my past three years of being on Hi-Steppers, I’ve heard this question far too many times. Just like any other sport, the Hi-Steppers have different seasons, with one big difference: we never have an off-season.

After football season finally finishes and January rolls around, every single drill team in the state of Texas starts preparing for contest season. Imagine “Dance Moms”, except with high schoolers.

Contest season is extremely demanding, with long practices after school and even several weekend practices. We perform three team dances (a kick routine, a lyrical routine and a modern routine,) as well as smaller ensemble performances, officer performances, trios, duets and solos.

This year, the hi-steppers will be competing at HTE Nationals in San Antonio the first weekend of April, which is a pretty big deal. All of the contests are open to the public, so take a Saturday to come watch the Hi-Steppers perform against other dance teams and cheer us on.

Our first contest is at Samuel Clemens High School on February 6th, our second contest at Vista Ridge High School on February 27th, and we perform at Nationals in San Antonio on April 1st and 2nd. If you can’t make it to any of those contests, we will be having a contest showoffs performance in the B-Gym next Thursday. So, if you like watching a bunch of girls dance some really awesome dances, come show your support!


Rylee Matousek

Staff Writer