Born with a friend

Lauren and Megan Trimble

Elise and Sylvie Higgins sat at their lunch table with their friends talking about college. It was a big deal since they were off to college any day now.

Some of their friends brought up how they would hate leaving all of their closest friends behind, and how they had to promise to stay in contact. And that’s when it hit Elise and Sylvie.

As twins, they had something no one else had, a permanent best friend that would follow them even to and throughout college.

As many in the school have noticed, there is an abnormal amount of twins in the school, both identical and fraternal. In an estimate, they are a total of about ten pairs of twins in Dripping Springs High School. According to the Higgins twins, it is completely different than having a normal sibling.

“We’re very close,” Junior Megan Trimble said. “Lauren is my best friend as well as my sister. It’s like having a buddy that goes with you everywhere and gets to go through all the same classes as you. It’s super awesome.”

Alongside that, they described that their lifestyles are different due to having a twin. A few of the things that make it different are how they go shopping for clothes together, how they act in public, and how they act with the same group of friends.

“It’s weird because you go home to the same place after school and you have the same homework,” Sylvie said. “Also you’re going through the same things as them as you get older so you always have someone to talk about everything, because you’re going through it together.”

The majority of the twins expressed the advantages of having someone the same age as them. For example, being able to do homework together. Along with that, they talked about all the questions that come with having a twin.

“They’re mostly comparative questions,” Elise said. “Like who’s the better twin? Who likes this more? Who does that more?”

But despite everything that comes with having someone who looks exactly like you, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Because what’s better than having an automatic best friend?

Kerry James

Staff Writer


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