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Senior, Ty Johnson.

Going into their game with ranked 6A team Liberty Hill, not many gave the unranked 5A Tigers a shot to win.

So when the final buzzer sounded and the scoreboard read 51-48 in favor of Dripping Springs, it came as something of a surprise. At least, it was to everyone outside the Tiger locker room.

“We were playing together, doing everything right,” said Senior Ty Johnson. “And that was what resulted in the win.”

By all the players being where they needed to be and doing what they needed to be doing, it gave the team a much needed edge that led to its most monumental win in the season.

Though this was no doubt a huge win for the Tigers, Johnson believes that it was only one part of what has been a season of growth for him and the team.

“Coach has been able to give us the reigns a little bit more,” Johnson said. “And we get to make more decisions on our own.”

This new found semi-independence has given him the opportunity to show the community why his high school career has mainly revolved around playing basketball.

“I play basketball for one major reason,” he said, “God has given me the ability to play basketball, and do well at it, and I feel like it is my responsibility to take that talent and to development.”

This sense of leadership has allowed Johnson to take his beliefs and abilities and spread them to people who would otherwise not hear it, like to the children of the inner city basketball programs that he has volunteered at in previous years.

“Playing basketball has opened a lot of doors for me to share the gospel with people that I would otherwise not be able to,” said Johnson.

And for him, that makes all the difference.

Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer

PEO_0601 (2).jpg