Love strikes gold in debate


After two days of tense debate, DSHS senior Ryan Love won 1st at the 5A State Championship in Congressional Debate on January 13th.

DSHS teacher and debate instructor, Christy Trussell, is very proud of how far her student has come.

“When I first met Ryan, he was a sophomore that was obsessed with triangles and the ‘Illuminati,’” Trussell said. “I like to think we have molded him and shaped him into a much more rational, critical thinker.”

When Love was a novice debater his sophomore year, Trussell began to notice Love’s extraordinary work ethic and dedication.

“Even as a sophomore, he would go home and work on weekends when we didn’t have tournaments and he didn’t need to be working on speech and debate,” Trussell said. “The amount of effort that he put into the class made him stick out.”

Once Love’s potential became apparent, Trussell then began the process of building and shaping the platform Love would begin his debating career on.

“We started to take him to tournaments with the varsity debate team even though he was a novice at the time,” Trussell said. “At the beginning of this year, we focused on beating his own previous records and improving off of them. His hard work and dedication is evidence of how he achieved becoming the State Champion, not just because I witnessed it, but because other students and judges saw that evidence as well.”

Love is grateful to have had such great teachers and mentors throughout his career, especially Trussell.

“She will get in that ring and fight for you,” said Love.

Love says that upon hearing the announcement that he was the State Champion, a sense of enlightenment came upon him because all his efforts were rewarded.

“I was ecstatic and felt that my hard work over the years had paid off,” Love said.

Love is extremely proud looking back on the path he has traveled to get to where he is now.

“Over the three years I’ve been debating, the experiences and memories I have made are amazing,” Love said.

Written by J.T. Dahill

Staff Writer

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