She sat outside and just observed. Observed the world around her, that is. Though junior Julia Roldan had always known that today’s environment was not the best from where she sat, at that moment it was a complete eye opener. The trash that littered the concrete curbs, the construction machines that could not be seen but heard, and the people walking by and throwing away paper and other recyclables right into the trash – and that’s if they even managed to bother to try and get it in the trash can itself. It was mortifying; it made her stomach churn with guilt and frustration for her world.

“I realized that if I didn’t do anything, no one else really would either.” Roldan said.

So Roldan did what she thought was the only possible way to help the environment, she made a club.

This club is called L.E.A.P., an acronym that stands for Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection. Roldan gathered her friends that she knew would also instinctively want to help the environment, and that’s how it came to be an official club by the New Year. AP environmentalist teacher Jamie Biel sponsors the club and the meetings are held bi-weekly on Fridays in the mornings from 8:20 to 8:50 in Biel’s classroom.

“L.E.A.P. is about general awareness of the environment,” Roldan said. “My passion for raising awareness for the environment can be traced back to from when I was younger and picked up a love for things involving biology.”

This is not limited, however, to just Roldan herself. Other members of the club stated the same claim concerning their level of passion for the subject.

“Why the environment, you say?” Junior Shannon James asked. “It’s simple really, though there were several other clubs I could have joined, the topic this club stands for is important to me. Not only do I wish for myself to make an impact, but I want to persuade other people to see and help fix the danger Earth’s environment is currently facing through L.E.A.P..”

With the new semester starting off, all the members of the club were happy to relay that they have several activities planned for the club that will get the community involved.

“Well for one, on the week of Earth Day, we want to make it an Earth week that will raise awareness,” Senior Gabriel Chavez said. “The week would consists of several different themes relating to the environment and us handing out stickers to people who participate in the events of those days. At the end of the week, we would award the person who took the most amount of action to help the environment.”

According to the club members, that is only one of the many ideas they have. They hope through doing these ideas that the community will begin to take greater action towards preserving the environment.

L.E.A.P., on paper, is about getting people to pay attention to the environment. But to the people in L.E.A.P., it’s about making a difference and taking action on a matter that most can’t be bothered to be concerned about. It is because of that, that they are filled with an undying eagerness to pour all their efforts into forming the club into something long term.

“In the end, we’re just like any other teenagers trying to make a change about something that we believe in.” James said.

Kerry James

Staff Writer