Brynn Johnson and Taylor McIntyre before the jazz concert

Junior choir member Brynn Johnson’s life has always revolved around music. She has always loved singing, performing, and competing in choir competitions such as TMEA choral auditions and UIL solo and ensemble.

“I’ve been in choir for ten years and I’ve been singing for forever,” Johnson explained. “Literally for forever, I was humming before I could even talk.”

Johnson recently competed in TMEA choral auditions. She made it through Region and Pre-Area auditions, moving her on to the Area audition where five girls from each region audition and only 10 of them moved on to State. Johnson placed in 14th chair out of the 10 available chairs.

“A lot of practice went into these tryouts, I got my music in June and I have been practicing ever since,” Johnson said. “Overall I feel good about how I did at Area, I’m satisfied with how I placed even though I didn’t make it to State,” Johnson said. “I tried my hardest and it’s not about winning, it’s about learning challenging music to improve your musical abilities and your vocal technique.”

Johnson’s choir director, Tom Gabrielsen, was very impressed with how she did in her audition.

“Brynn sight read perfectly,” Gabrielsen explained. “You can get a total of 60 points for sight reading and she got all 60 points from all five judges, which is very hard to do.”

Johnson is thankful that she has gotten to participate in so many choirs over the years and loves being a member in choir. She even wants to major in music education at the University of Texas so that she can become a choir director herself.

“I think choir is so cool because it’s both an individual and a teamwork thing,” said Johnson, “so you have everyone contributing, but if you don’t listen to both yourself and the people around you to blend with them, then the song doesn’t sound right. Everyone has to contribute in order to make it sound awesome, and when it does it gives me the chills because the sound is so huge and so beautiful.”

Johnson is excited to see where her future in music will take her and hopes that her musical abilities will continue to strengthen as she continues to sing.

Madison Green

Features Editor