Screenshot from Floating Point

Leaping and grappling gracefully in a 2D world will bring you peace of mind when you play Floating Point. Published and developed by Suspicious Developments, this game was released on June 6th, 2014. You play as a red dot, where the goal is to collect red bars on top of platforms. You must create your own momentum with a grappling hook and continue your flow, otherwise the bars will drop.


Floating Point is a single player puzzle game with a high learning curve, but becomes monumentally easier the more you play. The gameplay relies solely on the momentum you can or cannot create. That’s where the learning curve comes in. At first it’s hard to grasp the mechanics of the game but the more minutes you put in, the better you adapt. The challenge is to keep your momentum after the unpredictable. You don’t really know where your grapple is going to take you as you glide gracefully through the air so you must adapt and be quick to make your next move.

The best thing about this game is not that it so compelling or engaging or addictive. This game is just simply relaxing. Its chill edm-pop soundtrack works with the game so well that if you lose your momentum, the music will fade. The more momentum you gain, the louder and more pumped up the music gets. There’s also the feeling of agility through the transitions when you pull and release your grappling hook swinging, flipping, and flying. You have to do this elegantly, without hitting the platforms or barriers.

In terms of problems, this game is flawless. There are no bugs, no lag, and no glitches. I would say this game is pretty innovative. It’s original, relaxing, and has a great soundtrack, but you cannot play a game like this for hours on end. It’s good for a few minutes but you’d have to be pretty addicted to play this for hours.

I do not give number reviews because numbers don’t represent the experience. Final thoughts: Floating Point is a great simple recovery game that can help calm your nerves. Every map is randomly generated so you can clear levels and go for as long as you want. If you feel the pressure mounting online or in real life, just simply step back and take a breath, play Floating Point, and relax.


Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer