Kamrie Holms in Venice, Italy

Winter break, for many of the students in Dripping Springs High School, presents the opportunity to travel to different places around the country and world for the holidays.

Junior Kamrie Holms and her family decided to take a trip to Italy during the break.

“We pretty much just winged our way through it.” Holms shares, “My family was just kind of like ‘Lets go to Italy!’ So we hopped on a plane!”

Holms describes her trip as an unforgettable experience.

“It was really amazing!” she said, “The weather was perfect. It was so pretty everywhere you went. It was great!”

Holms favorite place to visit was the coast of Italy.

“I liked going into all the little cities because it was just so pretty and there were cliffs everywhere,” she said. “Also the food was 10 out of 10. Especially down the coast because there was a bunch of seafood and Italian food. It was delicious.”

The culture difference between the US and Italy was what surprised Holms the most.

“The culture in Italy is a lot more different than it is here.” Holms said. “I feel like the people are more connected there. Your family is more important to you than anything. For example, everybody would greet each other by kissing each other’s cheeks before and after you see each other. I just enjoyed the culture there, even the clothes were different.”

Holms’ favorite landmark to visit was Pompeii.

“It was pretty cool to see everything and how the volcano covered the city when it erupted but still really intact. The rooms are still really intact. It was really awesome!”

Holms shares that her favorite memory was visiting Rome.

“I really liked seeing all the different ruins in Rome,” she said, “Like the Coliseum and the Pantheon and all those really famous land marks everybody sees on TV shows and movies”

Unfortunately for Holms, her trip did not include a Hot Italian boy.

“I did not find a hot Italian sadly,” she said. “However, on the flight there I saw some cute guys sitting behind me. I took pictures on my selfie stick with them in the background.”

Holms guarantees she will visit Italy again.

“I threw a penny into the Trevi Fountain so that ensures my return!”

Finally, Holms shares these lasting words.

“Go and never leave. I’m not kidding I want to stay there forever.”

Veronica Lopez

Staff Writer