Gaspard Thierry at Rockefeller Center

Gaspard Thierry wanted to take a year off after his senior year in Lyon, France before going to college. He wanted an out of the ordinary experience and decided that coming to Dripping Springs High School for a year would be an amazing opportunity. Thierry was very excited to come, but once he got here he realized the transition was not as easy as he had hoped.

“The transition was pretty difficult the first few weeks, I think the most difficult was the climate. To come to Texas in the middle of August was very difficult, I was not used to such a heat,” Thierry explained. “There was also the language, even if I learned a little bit of English at school I had so much difficulty to understand the language and to speak it. People at school have always been very welcoming with me though, without forgetting my host family who always helped me.”

Thierry’s english has vastly improved since his first few weeks of living here and he has adapted very well to living in Texas. Gaspard loves all the opportunities that students have in America and notes that they do not have as many choices at schools in France.

“I love the possibility to play any sport everyday at school. American high schools have such good infrastructures to play sports,” Thierry said. “I also like the fact that you can choose your classes in America, in France you can’t decide which class you want to take; history, geography, math, English, French, philosophy, biology, and German or Spanish are all an obligation. I also like food with bacon, the good burgers, and mexican food, which is excellent.”

Thierry, however, does not love everything about how we live life in the United States.

“The only thing I find that I dislike is that everyone is always with his/her phone, during the lunch, in class, and even out of the school,” Thierry explained. “Interactions with people are less and less frequent, now people even communicate with Snapchat! Social media’s like Instagram have too much importance. If you don’t have at least 400 or 500 followers, you are ‘out of the system,’ And that’s ridiculous!”

Overall, Thierry is loving living here in Texas and he is thankful for all of his friends, his host family, and everyone else who has made his experience so great.

Madison Green

Features Editor