Rylee Matousek (2)For many seniors, graduation is the highlight of their high school career, and for some, that moment can’t come soon enough. Fortunately, Dripping Springs High School offers students an opportunity to graduate early in order to accommodate students who want a head start in beginning their lives.

Recent Dripping Springs graduate, Sierra Rossing, took the opportunity to graduate early when she knew she wouldn’t be able to attend the last few weeks of her senior year due to an out of the country trip.

“I realized I would be missing a lot of school and all of my finals, so I decided to graduate a semester early,” explained Rossing.

Rossing, wanted the opportunity to take some time off the semester before she starts college at the University of North Texas in the fall.

“My aunt used to teach in Slovakia, so when she mentioned she would be going back this year to see her students graduate, I voiced my interest in traveling to Europe,” said Rossing.

Although the idea of graduating high school early in order to take an adventurous trip across the world sounds fabulous, there’s a lot more work that goes into it besides taking extra classes.

“In order to graduate early, I took ACC classes my junior and senior year while bulking up my class load. I also took an extra math and science course over the summer,” explains Rossing.

All the hard work pays off as early graduation allows for a considerable amount of free time for students after December.

“I have a lot of freedom to do what I want to do. Now that I am out of school I have two part time jobs and am pursuing some internships at different local companies before I leave for Europe,” Rossing said.

High school students that opt to graduate early are still eligible to walk at graduation and attend their senior prom, which are just a few issues students worry about missing when they decide to finish school early.

“I’m going to miss my senior prom due to being out of the country at that time, but I’ll be on a beach in Greece or at a museum in Rome, so I’m not too sad about it,” said Rossing.

Counselor Jennifer Foreman admits that while graduating early can be beneficial, it’s not for everyone.

“Students wanting to graduate early must still fulfill all graduation requirements. They must also buy their counselors a lot of chocolate,” said Foreman.

There are many reasons why students decide to graduate a semester early, but most commonly on that list are to go to ACC in the spring in order to get a jumpstart on their college career, directly to work, or to join the military.

“My big thing is that students have to promise me that they are actually going to pursue college, military or work, and not just sit around playing video games and eating Cheetos,” expressed Foreman.

Written by Rylee Matousak
Online Editor