C-hall garden continues to progress

The once abandoned outside courtyard at DSHS has quickly been transformed to a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary thanks to the help of Rotary International, DSHS PALS, and the DSHS Interact club.

DSHS senior and Interact president, Jacob King, is very proud of the amount of change that has been made and the change that is still to come.

“This is a completely dilapidated garden that we have revamped,” said King. “This is going to be a place for people during lunch and a place to be outside for all students and staff.”

King has been impressed by the amount of work put in by members of Interact and PALS.

“It’s been really cool to see how many students from both clubs came out and provided the heavy labor needed throughout this whole project,” King said. “Our members have been almost the entire workforce for this project and will continue to provide the manpower until the project is complete.”

DSHS teacher and PALS sponsor, Allyson Wright, has some big plans this semester for the project.

“This semester we are going to be doing some fundraising to buy materials for a pathway that will be going from D hall to the middle of the garden and around the backsides to allow more foot traffic,” Wright said.

Everyone is excited to see the results of the finished project, including the groups that plan on helping maintain the courtyard.

“PALS will be one of the clubs maintaining the garden while the plan is to auction off the remaining sections to different groups and clubs,” said Wright.

Senior Jules Peterson, project leader, is excited about the benefits that will come from the garden for the classes that follow.

“I really feel like students are really going to benefit from this garden for years to come,” Peterson said. “I want it to be a place where students can get away from school for a bit and enjoy the great outdoors.”

Written by J.T. Dahill

Staff writer

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