Winter overview of basketball, soccer, wrestling/powerlifting, and swimming



Junior Kara Kelly, a varsity basketball player, plays defense against East View High School on Friday.

Dripping Springs High School winter sports teams (which includes basketball, soccer, wrestling/powerlifting, and swimming) have all had impeccable starts to their 2015-2016 seasons.

The coaching staff, paired with students with immense athletic abilities, have made the early beginnings of these seasons real successes.

The Lady Tiger Varsity Basketball team has had an amazing start to the new season.

However, this great start was expected since the team is comprised of so many returning seniors.

And with an overall record of 15-7 and a district record of 2-2, it is undeniably clear that these girls have had a huge impact this season when looking at the team as a whole.

Similarly, the Varsity Boys Basketball team has also had an explosive start to their season.

While this start was not necessarily expected, it was welcomed with open arms.

This team also has a spectacular district record (1-1) that rivals that of the Lady Tigers, and an overall record of 10-11 for the season.

Now with the obvious goal of both varsity teams making it to playoffs (and hopefully the State Championship), there is an incredible amount of pressure put on the both players and coaches shoulders alike.

But both teams must be ready for the difficult district games that started earlier this month. Meaning that these two teams must be physically and mentally prepared for this obstacle as the games get harder and harder throughout the rest of the season.

Although there are very difficult games ahead for the Tigers, coaches are very optimistic when it comes to the success of their teams.

Tiger soccer is now in full swing at Dripping Springs High School.

Just like many other winter sports, both boys and girls varsity officially started their seasons this past week. And things could not be going better!

While these teams have only competed in a handful of games in this new season, coaches, players, and spectators alike all have a positive outlook on this new season.

The Lady Tigers (having an overall record of 1-1) are currently competing in the Colorado Cup. A tournament that will show the girls what teams they have to look out for and what can be improved upon this early in the season.

The Varsity Boys (having an overall record of 0-0-2 ) are also competing in a tournament this week, the Hays Rebel Cup.

Again, these games can only help the Tigers improve before the difficult games of the season reveal themselves. These being the District Games.

Although Dripping Springs is in one of the tougher 5A districts, coaches and players alike are confident that they will thrive in this 2015-2016 season.

The Dripping Springs wrestling team has had an incredible start to this new season.

Unlike soccer or basketball teams, the wrestling team started their season in early November and will officially end their season in February.

The Tigers have a stunning record this season, despite the challenges of having so many meets each month.

Although the team has lost some key teammates from last season, everyone is optimistic about this new season. Some even saying that it will be even better than the last.

This has a lot to do with record setting teammate Luke Hodsden.

Hodsden, who has never lost a match, is undeniably a huge contributor to this young team.

With the help of Hodsden and many other returning seniors, Dripping Springs is now considered a force to be reckon with in this division.

The 2015-2016 season for the Dripping Springs Varsity Swimming and Diving Team is one that has been long awaited by both coaches and athletes.

Although this season officially started in October of 2015, the team has recently set their views forward to the District Meet (which is held towards the end of January).

From the start of the season, each and every meet has been used to better the team as a whole in preparation for this meet. Which in turn leads to the hope of competing in the Regional and State Meets.

The Tigers are expected to do well in this upcoming District Meet, as they are the favorites of the district (like many other teams at Dripping Springs), but of course there are always things that can be perfected before this monumental meet.

Although the swimming and diving team is coming towards the end of their season, all teammates have had a positive outlook on the season from the start and still continue to do so.

Even though the team has lost some key members that helped them get to the State Championship last year, everyone is very optimistic about the outcome of the team this year.


Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer

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