Behind the scenes of a theater production

After seeing “High School Musical” time and time again, most of us think we have a pretty good idea of what it would be like to be in a theater production. You would have a ton of rehearsals, you would memorize lines and paint sets, and of course, there would be a ton of drama between all of the people in the show. However, theater … Continue reading Behind the scenes of a theater production

Winifred, a man’s best friend

We’ve all heard the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend” once or twice throughout our lives. Most of us have even experienced how true that phrase can be first hand with our own pets, but none of us have experienced it in the same capacity as Lauren Gordon. Gordon is a junior here at Dripping Springs High School, and she raised and trained … Continue reading Winifred, a man’s best friend

Varsity basketball boys defeat Leander Lions, 53-50

The Dripping Springs varsity boys basketball team took home the win on Friday, Jan. 22, against the Leander Lions with a final score of 53-50. “We had the lead for pretty much the entire second half,” head coach Craig Swannack said. “Leander was the first place team in our district until we knocked them down to second” With a well deserved win, the guys executed … Continue reading Varsity basketball boys defeat Leander Lions, 53-50

Dating violence mock trial

Three years ago, the dating violence mock trial was presented to Dripping Springs. It was introduced to raise awareness about the dangers of dating violence. Senior Insiya Aziz has been a part of this program since the beginning. “My first year I heard about it really last minute, but when I went there I really loved the whole idea of trying a real case in … Continue reading Dating violence mock trial

Hi-Stepping their way to the top

“But wait, what do you guys even do after football season?” In my past three years of being on Hi-Steppers, I’ve heard this question far too many times. Just like any other sport, the Hi-Steppers have different seasons, with one big difference: we never have an off-season. After football season finally finishes and January rolls around, every single drill team in the state of Texas … Continue reading Hi-Stepping their way to the top

Tiffany takes third

Deep within the heart of Dripping Springs school spirit is Tiffany Tiger. Over the past three years, Tiffany has done a phenomenal job at promoting lots of Tiger pride, as well as making history for our school and mascots at various competitions all over Texas. Tiffany competes at mascot competitions all over Texas, and recently was awarded third place at the Texas State Championships in … Continue reading Tiffany takes third