Lady Tigers defeat their former victors, end season with new title

Lady Tigers hold their new state champs trophy as they celebrate their last win as a team. Photo by: Moses Leos/ The News-Dispatch

November 19, 2015 at Dripping Springs High School was the big send off for the Lady Tigers on their way to the semi-final and final State championship tournaments. Many of the people of Dripping Springs came out on the sides of driveways and onto the town’s streets in order to show support and help wish the girls on their way.

The following day, many Dripping Springs High School students and community members left for Dallas to attend both of the tournaments and cheer on the team. While these students and cheering community members were standing in the bleachers with their oversized posters and war paint on, the remaining faculty and student body went into the cafeteria for a live showing of the semi-finals game against Canyon Randall.

After the Tigers’ defeat of the Randall girls, they moved onto the Finals against Lucas Lovejoy on Saturday at 3:30. This game may have given many a bit of deja-vu, as the same finals tournament with D. Springs versus L. Lovejoy took place last year, resulting in a State Champs title for Lovejoy.

The first set did not look too good for the team, as they had lost their first set against Lucas Lovejoy and began trailing in the second. Kane then called a timeout and rallied his players to simply “score more points than they do.”

Though the tactic may seem subpar to some, Kane clearly has a sixth sense for winning as the Tigers then went on to win the next 8 points, thus winning that set and eventually winning the tournament.

Lovejoy Coach Jason Nicholson said the comeback, or rather the first-coming, in the second set was truly an important moment for the Tigers.

Nicholson stated that “once [the girls] got a taste of blood in their mouths, they got hungry.”

The girls were determined not to make the same mistakes against Lovejoy twice, and once Sophomore Graceyn Tippens came in with the final kill and won her Senior teammates their last ever Tiger victory, the DSHS Lady Tigers and their staff rushed onto the court for a previously scheduled dogpile.

Coach Michael Kane approved, and even encouraged, the girls’ dogpile as a winning strategy.  “I’ve always believed you should visualize hoisting a trophy or seeing yourself in a dogpile. Before every match we have a visualization for that moment.”

The ladies were all teary eyed, post-victory, and had good reason to be after such a magnificent and cherishable season.

Senior Autumn Rounsaville said the moment after the last kill was “sweet because we won, but bitter because it’s the last time we’ll be playing together.”

Despite Outside Hitter and Senior Morgyn Greer’s many wins and shining moments in the past, she feels nothing compares to this glorious achievement.

“This was the greatest day of my life so far,” Greer said.



Sierra Rossing

Online Content and Marketing Manager

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