Get up, brush off your personally tailored $3,000 Versace suit, reload your handgun, and go see the newest installment of the 007 franchise, Spectre, as soon as possible.

Filled with all the over-exaggerated action, supermodel-esque women, dream cars, soulful music, and somewhat confusing and all over the place plot line we’ve come to know what to expect and love what we’re getting with the James Bond character. Spectre surely does not disappoint. Perhaps the most ambitious Bond to date, director Sam Mendes still manages to push the envelope and come up with new stunts that wow audiences around the world.

From Mexico, to Britain, to the Alps and back again, James Bond takes on his most menacing and evil enemy yet. The “author of all of [Bond’s] pain” (not a spoiler, it was in the trailer). Although the plot line isn’t the most intriguing in the Bond franchise, perhaps not even the most interesting of the Daniel Craig era, what it lacks in story is made up for in stunning cinematography and awing action sequences… And Aston Martins’.

Daniel Craig gives yet another stunning performance as the world’s favorite secret agent, and he is surrounded by a great cast of characters. Although the villain’s story still seemed a bit rushed in the two and a half hour movie and didn’t quite compare to that of the Skyfall story, Christopher Waltz still entertained as the story’s main villain. Plus, who could forget Dave Bautista’s showdown with Craig as the story’s main grunt?

So, in review, Spectre is great. An easy choice for my top three Bond movies of all time and a reaffirmation of my love of Daniel Craig as the iconic character. However, much to my own personal dismay, Craig has shown absolutely no interest in returning behind the wheel of the Aston Martin that is the Bond franchise. He would rather “cut [his] wrists with glass.”

Why Craig? Why? With this position, you are LITERALLY the EPITOME of man. You are the COOLEST dude in the world! You are, no joke, JAMES BOND! Why would you want to leave that behind?

Whether it be a marketing ploy for a fifth and final edition of Daniel Craig’s Bond, a tactic to improve upon his own salary, or the truth- as Craig has begun to age I wholeheartedly expect and hope for Daniel Craig to return and leave us with some closure. If not? #Trump4Bond anyone?


Written by Jaxson Thornton


Entertainment Editor