Friday, work or fun?


Let’s discuss a subject… responsibility versus procrastination. One way or another we’ve all procrastinated at least once, no matter how perfect you think you are. It’s good to take responsibility. Man (or woman) up and do your work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. But what about Friday?

Personally, not doing work on Friday and Saturday, and cramming on Sunday night is religion. This can be very common with us high schoolers. But it begs the question: Should Friday be a working day?

Friday is the transition between the week days and the weekend. This is essentially the transition from work to relaxation, causing Friday to fall in the middle. While you’re wrapping up work for the week, there is an urge to start shifting early into the relaxation of the weekend. For me, there is no urge. I just do it. That really starts to play into time management and organization.

If you do your work, you’re missing out on all of the early fun you can have with minimal consequences. The positive is that you’ll have the whole weekend to yourself. On the other side of the spectrum, if you procrastinate you get to have to have fun and catch up on events for the whole Friday. The negative is that you’ll have to manage when you’ll do your work on the weekend. If you break world records in procrastinating, like me, you’re probably cramming on Monday during your first period class.

Friday should not have to be a working day. Why should it? People deserve more time off. I deserve more time off for playing video games after working hard all week.

On a more serious note, Friday is a time to prepare for the weekend. Plan your days out. Friday’s a wrap up day. It shouldn’t be rigorous, because guess who’s weekend that’s going to take up if you can’t finish? There shouldn’t be any work this Thanksgiving break, and that’s one thing to be thankful for. 


Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

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