Fiddler on the Roof Casted

imgres-3After their marvelous production of Romeo and Juliet, the DSHS theater department will be back again with a new show, a musical called Fiddler on the Roof. Very different from Romeo and Juliet, this production is more lively and involves singing and dancing. More work is to be put into this production for its atmosphere. This show features more hands on and interactive elements.

“For the musical, they audition vocally and they get to do a dance call. We were looking for people who could interpret a song, and who could not just sing and not just dance, but act to add those elements,” says Rachel Koske, Head of the DSHS Theater Department. Many other departments are coming into this production such as theater, choir, band, and stage crew.

“I’ve never been lead in a musical before and I’ve never sang a solo. I’ve never gotten more than a supporting role in a musical so this was completely unexpected. It feels really nice that my directors had the confidence in me to be able to do it,” says Senior Joey Kelley, playing male lead as Tevye.

The process of rehearsal is completely different from that of their last production, Romeo and Juliet, because there is singing and dancing involved.

“On certain days, we will be staging and choreographing, some days will be vocal days, and some days will be scenery,” Senior Monica Oliva explains.

On the behind-the-scenes side of the department, as soon Thanksgiving is over, stage crew will  start building until Christmas break. After finals they crew will start working on the stage lighting.

“Because it’s a musical, the staging calls for totally different elements than what we did in Romeo and Juliet. It’s a totally different style of production,” says Technical Director James Orozco.

Kamrie Holmes, playing Chava, says, “Expect lots of singing and energy, and a lot of funny dance moves. I’m excited to showcase my talents and I’m excited to spend more time with my friends because they are the people I work with.”


Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

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