A leaf, a knife, a bottle, and a sprig dance of boots and blood. The azure man rings a coral bell of sea white shell, producing flowing peals of pollen sun drops. The white wind whirls milk honey of sparrow and wren’s feather. Solemn casket adorned ornate, joyous dull yellow blotches, tarnished by diamonds red. An apple prods the cherry’s nest, and all falls on string. Only cigarettes are known to the bank of God. Blue oceans of mud expand, an abyss burnt with shades of black and gray, white swallowed under Leviathan’s scale. A starship sails through leafy green, moss-cauliflower canopies of gold rod. Wood carved, journey endless. “Chase diamonds,” says the square. Weigh your fruits upon whiskey bullets. “Tip and let spill the greedy cup of man.” His arm reaches.

Written by Evan Plennert

Contributing Writer