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Kerry James, staff writer

A book, nowadays, is considered outdated and in the 21st century, everyone is more adapt to using Ebooks and/or any of the other electronic methods of reading a book. These are especially popular due to the fact that they don’t involve making one go out of their way to get a book from the library. But to some, there’s something more to a book besides the easy way to get it.

The feel of turning that palpable page which smells of history and an awaiting adventure that is dying to be delved into. “It’s an escape,” Senior Corrie Thompson expressed. And though that escape depends on the book’s genre, the feeling of relief from reality was all the same and Book Club understands that. They want to manifest that intensity past just a single individual.

The library was the obvious host for this congregation of students that came together to experience the priceless feeling of reading. Book Club is different in the way that there is no order and no dictation on who gets to enjoy the adventure. “It’s fun and we all read different books…the atmosphere there is warm.” Thompson revealed when enthusiastically describing her many times in Book Club. The Book Club meets during A and B lunches on Fridays in the library staff room and discusses the books which members are currently reading. The club started way before Librarian Karen Tiller was here at the school and can even be traced back to when Dripping Springs High School first opened its doors. The club focuses more on relaying books to one another rather than centralizing on one single novel.

“It’s informal, social, and unstructured,” Tiller said.

According to Thompson the current presidents of A and B lunches, Senior Sierra Rossing and Brooke Kelley, are doing well in keeping the carefree feeling of how Book Club is meant to feel like to its members.

“Book Club keeps everyone engaged,” Kelley said. “It helps extend the boundaries of the members’ knowledge of literature.”

It’s a learning experience as well as a way for students to have a good time chatting with their peers about not just one, but books that everyone can discuss.

They all encourage that avid book readers come join them in the library during lunches to live up what they describe to be a joyous time of socializing about all different types of books. From Mortal Instruments to the Kiss of Deception, they are all about engulfing members into a completely different world, opposed to keeping a tightly structured club.

Kerry James

Staff Writer