Prune Savelli, Staff Writer

After the incredible performance of Romeo and Juliet, the theater department has come back to prepare one of the most beloved and classic shows of American musical theater: Fiddler On the Roof.

This is about a group of people in a very small village in Russia in the 20th century amidst the conflict due to Russia political unsettlement and activity with the jewish community.

“It’s really about a family. The head of the family, his name is Tevye, and he has 5 daughters.” explained Rachel Koske, the theater director. “They fell in love and Tevye has to trying to uphold the traditions of his life while trying to do the right thing for his family. It focuses on their family and their community and that village.”

After looking for a lot of different musicals, Mrs. Koske looked a lot of differents things and tried to figure out what could be the best fit for this year. Fiddler on the Roof was seen as the best fit.

“We never done Fiddler On The Roof,” admit Mrs. Koske. “It’s a beautiful show and it has a lot of ensemble words and parts that will be a lot of fun for the students to work with and for us to work with. Mr. Rosco, Mr. Rickman, and I agreed that it will be a really good project for us to all work on.”

Everybody could give the audition a shot, and be in the show. Each student needed a song and a dance prepared for the auditions, which was on tuesday and wednesday of last week. Thursday was the callback session, where they had to read scene from the show and sing songs from the show.

“Whoever is the best fit for each part will get it!” Affirmed Mrs. Koske.

Each role is different, some have a lot of singing, some have more dancing, some are really more about the character.

“We know what students we have,” share Mrs. Koske. “So we in theory, hopefully could imagine cast and yet from the students, but it never turns out the way we think it’s going to.”

Not a lot of us know much about this time in Russia, so it will be really interesting for the actors to learn about that while having fun and doing what they love to do: acting.

“[I except] for the students to really delve into these role.” said Mrs. Koske. “A lot of them have heard the songs from the show but they don’t know a lot about that story. And so hopefully they will have a good time and they will learn a lot along the way to different style of show that we’ve done before. So it will be fun for them to work with.”

Prune Savelli

Staff Writer