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Rylee Matousek, Online Editor & Staff Writer

Halloween weekend, Texas got more than just tricks and treats. On Friday, October 30th, Dripping Springs and surrounding cities experienced more than several inches of rain, resulting in the flooding of roads and major damage.

For many students, getting to school when low-water crossings are flooded is nearly impossible, especially when you basically live in the boonies. My personal experience was scary enough to last me all through Halloween, as I saw my life flash before my eyes at least seven times.

The moral of this story is, if it’s raining relentlessly and you know in order to get to school you must pass a low-water crossing, STAY HOME! TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN!! During my 45 minute escapade through the tsunami of Dripping Springs, my car transformed into an ark. I quickly learned that people in Texas don’t know how to drive in the rain and it became clear that I was going to have to navigate myself out of this horror movie alone. While following a tiny Honda Civic, I Somehow found myself driving through several feet of water and thinking a variety of words which may be inappropriate for a school newspaper… My car then went into four wheel drive and I floored it out of the Mediterranean Sea.

After my painful endeavor, I drove to my nearest friend’s house and didn’t go to school. Many parents gave me lectures about the dangers of driving in water and to never ever do it again and I completely agree.

Unless you’re sailing a boat down 290, stay home and stay safe.

Rylee Matousek

Online Editor & Staff Writer