Prune Savelli, Staff Writer

Apart from the band there is a musical atmosphere sprinkled with a bit more fun than the traditional marching, the Jazz Orchestra! Directed by Lance Brightwell, students get to improvise and express themselves in a totally different style than the traditional stylings.

“I enjoy the atmosphere in jazz band because it’s a lot more relaxed than concert band,” shared senior Trey Bohem. “There is more room for improvisation and expression than classical music. And Mr. Brightwell has a lot of fun with the kids and likes to joke around with us and that’s one of the thing that make the class enjoyable.”

The Jazz Orchestra is going to perform on November 19th at 6pm in the high school auditorium. Lance Brightwell, each day, teaches the students a little bit of music, and over time all the parts come together to create full songs.

“Each day we target places and we play as good as we can,” Explain Brightwell. “We continue working on those and we put them in a context of music and we just build consistency, we try to play as close to perfect as we can and make it fun and sound as good as we can.”

The Jazz Orchestra is really different from the classical band, as it is a whole other repertoire of music.

“[All the sections] get together and we play in the style of jazz. Sometimes we do other things, maybe kinda funk or hip hop tunes also but these are things we’re not ordinary play in our band classes.”

The concert also will be accompanied, for some songs, by the Jazz Cats, which is a part of the choir program. But for most of the show, the band will perform on their own.
“We’re gonna play a combination of two or three songs we’ve been working on,” affirmed Brightwell. “And we are going to do at least two maybe three songs with the Jazz Cats”

Prune Savelli

Staff Writer