Monica Oliva as Juliet and Joey Kelley as Romeo

On October 29th through November 1st, the famous Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet was brilliantly performed by the DSHS Theater Department. Joey Kelley and Monica Oliva took the lead roles as Romeo and Juliet and astounded the audience along with many other actors and actresses.

“When you’re up on stage, you forget a little bit,” Joey Kelley says, “When it came around the second act, I would forget there was an audience all together, and I’d be so into it, just because the emotions are really high.”

The cast and crew prepared for the play extensively. Memorizing lines, analysing text, communicating with other actors, and simply just acting. “For me, the emotions on stage are very real. That’s kinda what acting is; portraying real emotions that the character is feeling, so you have to become the character,” Kelley says.

Monica Oliva felt differently. “I got really nervous actually during the first show because Juliet’s just a really hard role and there’s so many lines and so many things that can go wrong,” Oliva says, “you get more comfortable as the show goes on.” Actors can get nervous when their close friends and family are seated before them watching and judging.

In the end, everyone was satisfied with the end result of the play. “We were all really proud and satisfied of what we did and what happened,” Mrs. Rachel Koske, head of the theater department. “We had some really great audiences, and we got to share the story with a lot of people.

Monica Oliva agrees. So many departments came together to bring the production alive. “I think the reason that we had the set and the costumes so minimal was to focus on the story. We did a good job of bringing out the story rather than the flare of Shakespeare,’ Oliva explains.        

The irrefutable effort that was put into the show does not go unnoticed. People the actors don’t know have expressed admiration. “It’s the hardest role I’ve ever done in my life, and because of that it’s probably one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done,” Kelley admits.

Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer