Interact club officers

Senior Jacob King established the ‘Interact’ club with the goal of being able to get students involved in local and international community projects and services. Hopefully these actions will have a profound and everlasting effect on not only the communities involved, but the development of that student’s character as a person.

Interact meetings are on Wednesdays, twice a month. They are held in the lecture hall and are either conducted before school at 8:15 am or after the school day ends, at 4:15 pm. Meetings typically last forty-five minutes at the most.

“There is always a typed up agenda,” Business Teacher Cindy Reynolds said. “So anyone attending the meetings knows exactly what’s going to be covered and there is also a sign-in via laptop.”

King began the club and is the current president. Due to its philanthropic principles, the club is officially known as a subdivision of the rotary international organization.

“Essentially what we do is serve the community,” King said. “Because rotary is international, we are able to implement a world perspective.”

The members plan on doing a project that will be a primarily global effort, but for the time being they are focusing on doing local activities.

“We’re doing a buddy walk this weekend,” Junior Preston Remington said. “Where we go on a fun walk with the students in the life skills program.”

This walk is just one of the activities that the club has planned. In the past, the club members have volunteered at the local Pound House as well as helped sell raffle tickets on Mercer Street. As well as their service to the community, the club also helps the students of DSHS.

“It gives you a lot of opportunity to finish your community service hours,” Remington said. “And it looks great on your college resume.”

In addition to the aforementioned agendas and digital sign-in, the club utilizes a remind 101 to keep all the members up to date on community service opportunities and meetings. The projects are primarily decided by what the members want to do, giving a sense of democracy and unity to the club.

“It’s a huge opportunity to do something locally and worldwide,” Reynolds said. “Interact is a mirroring of the rotary international in that it focuses on volunteerism.”

Interact, in a nutshell, is a club which allows students to take advantage of community service events that are going on. It is also a club which interacts highly efficiently with its own members, letting everyone get to know each other through the several events they participate in. The club makes sure to never lose sight of their main goal: giving back to the world.

Kerry James

Staff Writer