Lady Tigers defeat their former victors, end season with new title

November 19, 2015 at Dripping Springs High School was the big send off for the Lady Tigers on their way to the semi-final and final State championship tournaments. Many of the people of Dripping Springs came out on the sides of driveways and onto the town’s streets in order to show support and help wish the girls on their way. The following day, many Dripping … Continue reading Lady Tigers defeat their former victors, end season with new title

“Spectre” improves upon the Bond name

  Get up, brush off your personally tailored $3,000 Versace suit, reload your handgun, and go see the newest installment of the 007 franchise, Spectre, as soon as possible. Filled with all the over-exaggerated action, supermodel-esque women, dream cars, soulful music, and somewhat confusing and all over the place plot line we’ve come to know what to expect and love what we’re getting with the … Continue reading “Spectre” improves upon the Bond name

Friday, work or fun?

Let’s discuss a subject… responsibility versus procrastination. One way or another we’ve all procrastinated at least once, no matter how perfect you think you are. It’s good to take responsibility. Man (or woman) up and do your work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. But what about Friday? Personally, not doing work on Friday and Saturday, and cramming on Sunday night is religion. This can … Continue reading Friday, work or fun?

Fiddler on the Roof Casted

After their marvelous production of Romeo and Juliet, the DSHS theater department will be back again with a new show, a musical called Fiddler on the Roof. Very different from Romeo and Juliet, this production is more lively and involves singing and dancing. More work is to be put into this production for its atmosphere. This show features more hands on and interactive elements. “For … Continue reading Fiddler on the Roof Casted

Coats for Kids

Dripping Springs High School is hosting a coat donation competition to benefit kids in need. The annual Coats for Kids drive is taking place from November 16th to December 4th. “The students will collect coats for the duration of the drive,” said Counselor’s Assistant Kim Van Every. “Then we will take them to Jack Brown Cleaners where they will be cleaned up.” From there, all donations … Continue reading Coats for Kids

Call it to the mountain molehill, for we are all dead in the long run

Salted wind slaps my face and venomous spit swirls on my tongue, all velvet and biting. I swallow wine. I think about my liver pickling. I hope that when I die I’m diced up into cubes and grinded by fossilized ocean creatures, because why does it matter anyhow? Spotlights searching for blackness in the void is, and of us. Humanity’s struggle. As I look over … Continue reading Call it to the mountain molehill, for we are all dead in the long run