PALS sponsor unity day, stand up against bullying

IMG_1821Dripping Springs High School will be participating in the nation-wide celebration of Unity Day on Wednesday, October 21st. Unity day is a day in which schools across the country will come together and take a stand against bullying.

PALs Sponsor, Allyson Wright came across the idea last year.

“We were googling what each month stood for and we all knew that breast cancer awareness was in October, but we also discovered Unity Day was in October too,” she said.

The PALs decided to get the school involved once they had all approved the idea.

“I told my PALs about it last year, and they were really excited about it. We posted signs and did some stuff around the school and wore orange, but this year we’re going a little bit bigger,” Wright said. “We’re going to be posting orange Post-Its around the school with different phrases on them. It’ll be more apparent to people.”

Senior Madison Green came up with the Post-It idea and thinks its a great addition to the day.

“A lot of people in our school struggle with depression and things like that,” Green said. “Reading the little sticky note that says how great they are and all the things that they can accomplish can make a big difference.”

Everyone is encouraged to wear orange on October 21st.

“The color for bullying prevention is orange,” Wright said. “I’m hoping that a lot of people will participate.”

Wright hopes that it will help the Dripping Springs bullying situation.

“I do think there is a bullying problem at this school. It’s more on social media than it is in person,” Wright said. “Like on Twitter, Instagram, and snapchat and stuff. I think it’s everywhere, whether it’s in a school or not. It might not be direct bullying, but generally someone will feel bullied at some point in their life. So we might as well try to take a stand against it now.”

Green has also noticed an issue within our school.

“I think we do have a bullying problem,” Green said. “Definitely not as big as [issues] at other schools in the Austin area, but people are facing bullying at our school.”

Green hopes that the school will have a positive attitude towards Unity Day.

“I think it’d be good if our school became more tightly knit through this,” she said. “If we stand closer together, take a stand against bullying and help stick up for our friends or even people that we don’t know, we can make a really big difference.”

Veronica Lopez

Staff Writer

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