Princess bride recap

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The Princess Bride

The Theater Booster Club, a group of parents who help to support the theater department, organized a Princess Bride interactive movie night on Friday evening.

“Anyone with an interest to watch the movie could go,” said Rachael Koske, the theater director. “They had goody bags you were able to use throughout the film and a quote along.”

The purpose of this night was to support the theater department and all their productions.

“They did it as a fundraiser to try to raise money for the theater department,” explained Koske. “The booster club is trying to do whatever they can to help out with what we’re doing here at the school.”

The booster club had chose this movie because it is appropriate for a lot of audiences and is a generational movie which is adored by people of all ages.

“They thought it was a movie everybody loves so it might be a good chance to get a bunch of people together and watch it,” Koske said.

It was the first time the booster club had tried something like that, but according to Koske it is something they would love to do again.

“It was great,” she said. “They had a lot of people from the community who came out and brought their kids. I think they all had a good time watching the movie together.”

Story by Prune Savelli
Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 4.07.22 PM.png

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