Recently, a scientific breakthrough was discovered. What a discovery it is that they found water on Mars. This may not seem like a big deal, but if scientist claims are true, and water equals flora and fauna (aka life), then there could have (at some point) been life on Mars.

The important element of the discovery was that they found salt water on the surface. Perchlorate salt crystals saturated with water, and those crystals cannot form without the presence of water. Maybe salt oceans existed on Mars. On Earth, it is theorized that the first single-celled organisms appeared in an aqueous environment like this one. However on Mars, the oceans would be far too salty to sustain aquatic life.

Further away from the Sun than Earth, Mars can get get pretty cold during their winters, and the waters freeze. But what about during the summer? Liquid water can exist as cold as -94 °F, while the lowest natural temperature ever directly recorded at ground level on Earth was −128.6 °F.

There have been dark streaks reported to grow during the summer months on Mars. That occurs in the hemisphere of Mars whose pole is tipped closest to the sun and then the dark streaks vanish in the winter. NASA claims that those spot are “definitely wet.”

The world we know has so many theories about life on Mars and living on Mars to the point that people wonder if it’s fact or fiction. Water on Mars could suggest a lot of things that cannot be proven, yet. Is Mars the effect of an abused Earth? We’ll just have to wait on NASA.

Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer