Students get involved at DSHS volunteer fair

The annual DSHS Volunteer Fair took place on Tuesday, October 6th in the cafeteria. Several organizations from around Dripping Springs, such as Relay for Life and the Thundering Paws animal shelter, set up booths with sign up sheets and information on how to volunteer. Many students took interest in the volunteer opportunities.

“I like to volunteer because I think that doing stuff for the community is a nice way to get on the radar for colleges,” said junior Shane Miller.

Many upperclassmen took to the volunteer fair because there is an array of different opportunities to volunteer that are important as they work on college applications.

“I’m looking to help elderly people,” Miller said.

The organizations represented at the fair are grateful for the help they receive from DSHS students.

“We recruit youth every year for Relay for Life because historically the youth teams here at Dripping Springs have been a huge part of the event,” said Michelle Batte from the Relay for Life committee.

The Relay for Life committee made it a point to set up a booth at the volunteer fair because they knew they could enlist help from the students.

“We usually get anywhere from five to fifteen teams of high schoolers,” Batte said.

The Volunteer Fair is an excellent way to help students gain hours as well as benefit the organizations.

“I would like to have at least fifty signatures of kids who are interested in learning more about it,” expressed Batte.

The volunteer fair seemed to be a huge success, as it recruited many students and excited the organizations about how much help they would be receiving.

“Every year it’s a success,” said Batte.

Written by Rylee Matoussek

Online Editor

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