Dripping Springs lady tiger volleyball defeats Vandegrift


The Dripping Springs Volleyball team pulled out an impressive win against the Vandegrift Vipers. Without having previously playing the Vipers this season, the Tigers had to work even harder to accomplish this goal.

“We knew what they were capable of,” said senior Ashley Waggle.

However this win did not come as a shock to anyone, as the Lady Tigers were both predicted and expected to win in this hard match.

“We’re ranked number one but they were ranked number five, so we had to go in with a lot of focus,” Junior Karen Krews said.

Since this organization has been ranked number one in the state for most of this season, there has been a huge target on both the players and coaches back.

“Everyone just comes in wanting a win. So we all do our part,” said Waggle.

While this target may be taxing at times, players will not let this get in the way of the team’s ultimate goal.

“Trying not to lose anymore matches ­ finishing the season with a record of 50­2,” said Krews.

While this may considered to be a lofty goal to some, it is easily in reach for the hard working Lady Tigers. Although the team has been playing phenomenally, there is always something that can be improved upon as the second half of the season progresses.

“Everything can be improved upon,” Krews said.

These improvements are happily taken under consideration by many, if not all, players on this hard­working team. But there are always other things that can ­ and may need to be ­ worked on.

“Our energy level both on and off the court [can be improved],” said Krews.

This problem can be easily split between players and the community of Dripping Springs that attends each and every game. Although each team in the district has had a distinctive goal set for the season, many of the players have their own goals that they would like to achieve.

“I want to work on my efficiency during the serve/ receive,” Krews said.

Many other players also have personal goals that they would like to work on and achieve before the end of their high school volleyball career.

“To be more focused,” Morgan Greer and Waggle said when referring to the team as a whole.

These problem can, and will be fixed, by hard­work paired with the coaching expertise from Dripping Springs High School head coach Michael Kane. But the student body of Dripping Springs will always be there for this organization ­ win or lose.

“Our community is just really awesome,” said Waggle.

This community, as a whole, prides itself on being there to unconditionally support each and every sports organization that is offered.

“You just don’t get it from any other school,” Waggle said.

Written by Morgan Gusela

Sports Writer

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