DSHS choir update

DSHS Jazz Cats

The choir director, Tom Gabrielson, has organized the first choir concert of the year to be on October 15th, in the auditorium at 7:30 pm.

“This is a fall concert,” said Gabrielson. “Each choir will be singing the songs we will be working on for the last six weeks.There is four different choirs and then we combine at the end. This will be our first concert of this year, it’s take about this long to learn all the music.”

Gabrielson worked hard for all the choir groups to choose the right songs for his students.

“I spend a lot of time looking at music and picking things that were the right difficulty level, and things that I think they will like and enjoy singing.” explained Gabe.

But according to the junior Michael Thornton, “there are some songs that I don’t like, mainly the old english madrigals. Those are no fun.”

Alice de Castelnau, on the other hand, thought in a different way. “In general I like the songs. They’re old but really beautiful.”

The choir is really coming together, and had a stunning performance during the football game friday, as the Jazz Cats sang the national anthem.

“It’s sound good,” said Thornton. “I think the tenor section usually overpowers, but that just how it is. The girls are kinda quiet, but I think we’ll be good.”

The students are ready for the concert, or rather, “they will be, they’ve got two more weeks” affirmed the director. “I think it’s going to be really good, it’s will be exciting and lot of fun.”

For Thornton, in both the Chamber choir and the Jazz cats, “it will be complicated.” He said. “It’s going to be a lot. But I’ve got a good feeling I guess. It will be fun. We’re always ready!”

Written by Prune Savelli

Staff Writer

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