The Longest Night

Jaxson Thornton
Photo by Prune Savelli, Staff Photographer

I was groggy driving home. The street lamps lashed by in epileptic fashion as I pushed 75 on the bone dry roads that led me home each night.

“9:58 PM” read the clock of my now off-white Volkswagen Bug. My shirt and forehead equally drenched in drying sweat and grime, my arms covered in dirt.

“Why does practice have to end so damn late?” I thought as my eyes wearily drifted along the road. I roared up my driveway once I reached home. I pulled into my parking spot and hit the e-brake, momentarily sending me skidding across the gravel and sliding to a stop before launching out of my car and running inside through the garage.

“10:43 PM” read the clock as I threw off my shoes and slid socks only into the kitchen. The sweet smell of dinner was met by the looming threat of homework on the note left atop the counter by my mother.

Went to bed. Dinner is chicken fried rice. Please put dishes away. DON’T. FORGET. HOMEWORK.

Love you, xoxo. -Mom.

“Homework,” I thought. “What do I have tonight?” By this point I was speaking aloud to myself. “Oh, right. Three page essay I haven’t started, due… tomorrow! Fan-tas-tic. Annnnnd…” I mumbled as I shifted through the folders of my jumbled bag. “Ah, yes. Naturally. AP World History project over a book I haven’t read due on… Friday! Perfect.” I groaned sarcastically whilst I grabbed an emerald green bowl out of the far right drawer for my chicken fried rice.

“12:21 AM” read the top right corner of my Macbook as I shut the laptop on itself. The dwindling tones of instrumentalized music faded into the backdrop as the computer began to go into sleep mode.

“Finished.” I sighed as the stapler clamped upon the three pages designated for an English presentation to be given nine hours later. I walked across my room and collapsed onto the bed. My head fell upon the pillow with a thump, and I rolled over achingly onto my back and pulled the covers over my waist.

I feel gross, I thought, hair still sticking to my forehead. In the mental commotion of the evening, I had forgotten to take a shower.

“12:29 AM” read the clock as I drifted out of consciousness…

My eyes struggled to open when I heard the frightening crash of books to the floor in my room. My body could hardly move when I felt the covers being thrown off of me. Two clammered arms reached down and yanked me from my bed by the shoulders. I fought, but the two men were stronger than me. I clung to what I could as I was dragged down the horrid chamber. Lights flashed at me from every direction with intermissions of blissful darkness.

“Please God, let this be a dream,” I prayed. I wasn’t entirely aware of what was happening, but I knew I needed for it to end.

Suddenly, I spat up water and coughed. The lightless room’s deafening blackness screamed at me as water ran over my entire body in a terrific stream of panic. My fears were cemented, as they had translated from the depths of the dreamscape into reality.

“Where am I!? What is happening to me?!” I thought in hysteria whilst coughing up water. All of the sudden, a light sparked on, roaring a bright beam of fluorescent terror at me. My eyes hurt, and I quickly coddled them with my damp palms.

“JAXSON!” yelled a voice. A familiar voice. That of my sister. “Why are you in the shower right now!?” she called from the other side of our joint twin bathroom.

“2:39 AM” read the clock as I laid my freshly washed and recently daunted head onto the pillow once more. I closed my wavering eyes, and drifted out of reality again.

Written by Jaxson Thornton

Entertainment and Opinion Editor

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