High school in line for a new PA system

Joe Burns
Principal Joe Burns says a new PA and bell system is on its way.

After almost a year of being without bells or a method of making public announcements, the district is purchasing an entirely new PA system for the high school that administrators are hoping will be functional before the end of the fall semester.

“Probably toward the end of October,” principal Joe Burns said. “Maybe a little longer.”

Burns said the decision to purchase a new system came only after repeated attempts at trying to fix the old system.

“Last year the PA system was starting to go out off and on,” he said. “And they would come and patch it together, meaning the district would hire some technicians to come in and work on it.”

However, what originally seemed like an easy fix turned out to be much more complicated than originally thought.

“They thought that they would be able to rebuild it this summer,” Burns said. “But it turned out that it was completely shot, to the point where they weren’t able to piece it all back together again.”

English teacher Yvonne Kaatz said she is more than ready for a new system considering all the inconveniences that not having one has caused, such as the school having to make announcements over teachers’ speaker phones.

“When there are announcements, it’s hard to hear out of the phone,” Kaatz said. “There are times when they need to tell us things and it’s really disturbing for them not to be able to make an announcement that we can hear clearly.”

Furthermore, she is concerned for the safety of the students because of the lack of ability to communicate in an emergency situation.

“My biggest fear, is that we don’t have a good form of communication in any type of an emergency situation,” Kaatz said.

Despite the advances and faculty excitement about getting the system fixed, most students seem content without one.

“It’s been kind of nice because we don’t have that real annoying bell at the end of every period,” senior Sam Spier said.

Senior Jenna Lawrence agrees that the PA system seems unnecessary.

“It seems like we are doing fine without it,” she said. “I like it better. A lot of other people seem to like it better too.”

They are concerned with the safety issues as well though.

“I guess it would be a good thing if they could tell us if there was a fire or a tornado,” Spier admitted. “That might save a few lives.”

However, some still don’t see the point of purchasing a new system.

“I don’t see the point in spending the money,” said senior Evan Gabrielson. “We are getting along just fine without it.”

Written by Jules Peterson

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