FLY campaign spreads awareness of teen dating violence and self-compassion

DVAB Group Pic - Savelli
Members of the dating violence advocacy board

During the month of October, the Dating Violence Advocacy board at Dripping Spring High School will be promoting awareness of self-love and teen dating violence through their FLY campaign. FLY, First Love Yourself, was created to instill self-compassion throughout the school by involving students in activities surrounded around pride and confidence.

“We wanted to advocate more than dating violence,” explained board president Insiya Aziz. “Because it’s something not everyone is a part of.”

In addition to organizing teen dating violence awareness events, the board has decided to focus on insuring the wellbeing of students too.

“We want students to feel confident with who they are,”said Aziz. “And have a solid self-esteem.”

Although the board primarily targets dating violence through their events, Aziz wants students to know that this campaign is about more than just that.

“This campaign is more than just dating violence,” senior board member Daniela Watkins said. “It’s bigger than that.”

“One of the root causes of why victims don’t leave abusive relationships is because they believe it’s their fault,” explained Watkins.

By recognizing this, the board plans on educating students about teen dating violence and talking about acceptance.

“Through FLY, we want to promote self-compassion,” said Watkins.

In order to make sure everyone in the school feels the benefits from the campaign, the board has created “love notes” for students to send to one another, similar to a candy gram.

“If there’s a person you admire, or you want to remind them that they’re awesome, just write down a note and we’ll send it to them,” said Watkins.

Written by Rylee Matousek
Online Editor

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