FCA begins new year at DSHS

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is an organization that engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith. Here at Dripping Springs High School we are fortunate enough to have this growing organization.

“I am the sponsor of the high school’s FCA and so my job is to make sure our leaders are equipped and supported so that they can lead our FCA huddle,” said Coach Laura Joiner. “We meet on Wednesday mornings as a leader group and on Friday’s we have our huddle meeting.”

Coach Joiner describes FCA as being an organization where everyone can express their love for God and share the gospel.

“On October 14th is the big national Fields of Faith and it’s just a night where campuses across the nation gather at their football fields,” explained Joiner. “And you have some students give their testimonies about how they came to know Jesus Christ.”

All in all it’s a good time to get together and celebrate fellowship and, get this, you don’t have to be an athlete to go to Fields of Faith or to be in FCA.

“We have an incredible night planned for Fields of Faith with student musicians from local churches, speakers from our high school and a possible guest speaker,” said junior leader of FCA Emily Aston. “I am ecstatic to see what our first year of hosting this event in Dripping Springs will look like.”

While this exciting event is going to be happening you can bring anyone and all your friends to it.

“FCA, even though it’s called Fellowship of Christian Athletes, invites anyone to come,” said Joiner. “You can bring friends, you can bring anybody, it’s not exclusively just for athletes.”

Coach Joiner said that she hopes to see everyone come out and show support.

“FCA is a way for me and the other leaders to share the love of Jesus Christ to our peers,” said senior Judianne Schoenborn president of the organization. “It’s a good way to start my Friday mornings.”

FCA has made a big impact on the students of DSHS.

“I heard about FCA through the teacher sponsor who happens to be my basketball coach,” said Aston. “Coach Joiner is an amazing women of faith and a great leader.”

FCA focuses on the whole DSHS community.

“I think our school does a great job of making it a community oriented club where students can come to know Christ through people they know and see in their daily lives,” said Aston. “I was honored to be asked by Coach Joiner to be a leader of this organization.”

The FCA leaders encourage everyone to come to huddle meetings on Friday mornings. The more the merrier.

“I hope to see more people come to Friday huddles and come to Fields of Faith!” said Joiner.
Written by Jillian Shepperd

Feature editor

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