Homecoming week preview

DSHS 2015 Homecoming Court. Photo by Daniela Watkins

Dripping Springs High School will be conducting homecoming week from Sept. 21-25. An event that will tie all of its community together. With every member of it’s community participating, it will explode with spirit and excitement that will surely leave a lasting impression.

“Homecoming is a district wide event instead of a high school event,” librarian Karen Tiller said.

According to Tiller, this homecoming will set a higher standard than previous years and incorporate various things that will keep it the talk of the school for the time that follows.

This year’s homecoming will start with a parade on September 23rd which will incorporate the majority of the town’s population. It will be followed by a football game on September 25th and then finish with a homecoming dance, hosted by the histeppers, on September 26th.

The homecoming parade will be off campus and focus more on involving the whole community.

“The parade will include the football boosters, all the football players, the band, the hi-steppers, the cheerleaders, and Dr. Gearing will lead us with his bagpipes like he always does,” Tiller said. “We’ll probably have twelve local merchants, and hopefully have participation from all of the campuses around the district.”

The parade is intended to get the attention and spirit from not only the Dripping Springs High School students, but also the campuses surrounding it and therefore can be expected to incorporate things that will appeal to all ages. It is also to get everyone pumped about the game that follows behind it.

“I’m feeling pretty confident and ready to give it to Marble Falls, you know? Coming from a loss last year,” junior football player James VanTrease said.

The football team works hard and is excited about playing for their school. They play with such a passion that it’s mesmerizing to watch and fills their coach with a certainty that they will perform with everything they’ve got.

“I think we’ve played well for three weeks,” head football coach Galen Zimmerman said. “I feel like the kids have prepared themselves for this game.”

The team has become like a family unit, which initiates their trust in one another and allows them to play to their fullest. With the football players spending more time at the fieldhouse than their actual homes, they’re able to sharpen their skills.

“As a football team we’ve come a long way,” VanTrease said. “We’ve grown so much stronger as a brotherhood which lets us realize what we can and can’t do as a team.”

There is little doubt that the team will succeed and the dance is expected to be an event that will celebrate the winning of the team. The first annual homecoming dance is going to have a “blackout” theme this year.

“It’s going to have a bunch of black lights everywhere, and neon decorations,” Hi-Stepper Chloe Holmes said.

The school has been talking about having a dance for the last few years. This year, Holmes pushed the hi-steppers to take the lead on the dance and ever since, they have been planning and creating great anticipation for the homecoming dance.

“We’re one of the only schools in this area that doesn’t have a homecoming dance which I think is really sad,” Holmes said. “So hopefully it will have a good outcome.”

The dance will be the last event of homecoming week, and everyone at the high school is invited to attend in order to finish off the spirit filled week.

Organizers hope this homecoming will be a time that lets the school exerts its full Tiger Spirit and will also be another step in bringing the community together as a whole.

Written by Kerry James

Staff Writer

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