The Dripping Springs community is currently gearing up for all annual homecoming traditions, including the homecoming parade, the Friday night football game, and the newly returning homecoming dance. There is one tradition among the others that seems to get bigger and better each year, and that is the mums!

Although most high schools in America don’t participate in this Texas custom, plenty of students are preparing for homecoming with mums that are larger and more extravagant than ever.

Generally, students attending the homecoming dance or football game together will exchange their mums and garters the week of homecoming, but plenty of girls are taking interest in making their own mums for homecoming. I definitely don’t think you need a date to wear a mum and celebrate homecoming. If you want to participate but simply don’t have a date, make your own mum! It’s also socially acceptable to wear more than one mum, don’t worry.

Companies and even students all over Texas are making lots of money by personalizing mums for their friends and family. Today, mum prices can range anywhere from $20 to over $200. Personally, I think that making your own mum for under $50 is the best way to go. If you’re lucky enough to have a date that will spend $200 on your homecoming mum, expect the actual mum to cover most of your body and weigh a ton.

To some students, the flashy and overly obnoxious mums are something that they would rather stay away from, but to others, each year is a new opportunity to one-up their mum from the previous year. Some of the mums I’ve seen recently are so big, they’re almost unrecognizable. A reasonable size for your mum should be down to your legs and have a good amount of bells and lights, but if you’re wearing your mum as a dress and need a literal harness for it to stay on your body, you might want to reevaluate. They say that everything is bigger in Texas, but your homecoming mum shouldn’t be so huge that it disables your ability to walk. Go ahead and buy a mum for your girlfriend or a garter for your boyfriend, make it adorable and add lights, but please make sure you can still see your date underneath all the ribbon.

Written by Rylee Matousek

Online Editor