Deputy Sirenna CumberlandDuring the DSHS home football game on Friday, September 4th, several cars were broken into and valuables within were stolen.

Jade Cahill, a senior at DSHS, was one of the unlucky victims who had her car window smashed and her possessions taken.

“They broke my passenger side window and then tried to break into my trunk through the backseat,” Cahill said.

Even though the thief or thieves stole her purse, she isn’t worried about it happening again.

“It was probably just a freak incident,” explained Cahill.

However, for senior Caleb Beach, the break-ins have opened his eyes to the possibility that it could happen again.

“It kind of makes me uneasy about leaving my car parked during football games,” Beach explained.

Caleb is already starting to take extra precautions to hopefully prevent his vehicle from getting broken into.

“I’m starting to put less and less valuables in my car whenever I go to games now,” Beach said.

Officer Sirenna Cumberland, the school resource officer, says that they had two less officers than usual patrolling that night.

“We were skeleton crew for about an hour that night,” officer Cumberland explained.

Due to multiple games happening at other high schools on the same evening, the officers were already spread thin. They were spread even thinner when two of the officers had to deal with another situation.

“Now that this has occurred, we will have another officer assigned to patrol the area,” Cumberland stated.

Even though this is the first time vehicles have been violently broken into, Officer Cumberland thinks people shouldn’t let fear keep them from having a good time at community events.

“We believe that this was just an isolated incident but we are preparing ourselves for next game as if it will happen again,” Cumberland said

Written by J.T. Dahill

Staff Writer