IMG_0605Four girls with one dream: to build four wells in Zimbabwe, Africa. Ari Aspegren, Kylie Ballard, and Madison Murray raised funds for Living Water: Clean Water For Zimbabwe, a campaign to raise money to build a well in Zimbabwe, Africa.

“A little over a year ago my parents sat me down to talk about life,” said Aspegren. “We talked a lot about privileges I had and about the things I was blessed with.”

After this conversation, Aspegren decided to ask three of her friends to help her.

“My dad is the Senior Vice President of Living Water, so they mentioned something about doing a well and of course I said yeah,” she said.

What sparked this project was when Aspegren built a house in Guatemala, with the Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church.

“While I was in Guatemala we weren’t allowed to drink the water or get it in our eyes and we experienced a little what a water crisis was like,” Aspegren said. “Even though we didn’t see the full extent of what people actually struggled with, we knew we couldn’t go home and not do anything about it.”

After Aspegren talked to Murray and Ballard about the idea that her parents had presented her with, they decided to create a fundraising page through Living Water to raise $20,000 to build a deep water well in Zimbabwe.

“A few weeks later Madi, Kylie, and our friend Courtney, made fundraising pages to do another well with a total of $40,000 to raise,” she said. “After that we did a lot of hard work on our fundraising and eventually met our goal.”

After multiple house concerts, and Ari, taking it upon herself to run over 100 sponsored miles in races, and selling t-shirts, they met their goal. They built the well and even got to travel to Zimbabwe for two weeks to visit their wells.

“There is so much more in the world than the bubble we are living in,” said Aspegren. “People are struggling to live and we are totally oblivious to it, we shouldn’t take anything for granted.”

Aspegren claims she wouldn’t have been able to do this without her strong faith.

“God is so good and He loves his people,” said Aspegren. “We wonder why there is pain and suffering in the world and I truly believe there is a reason for it. Those people changed my life and made me see everything in a different light.”

She never wants to live the same life she lived ever again.

“I want to be as selfless as possible and love everyone as much as I possibly can,” Aspegren said. “This trip helped me realize how big the God I serve is.”

After working so hard for one full year, Aspegren finally saw her first well.

“Wow! I was completely speechless,” she said. “Just picture working so hard for one year, something that never left you mind, something that you constantly prayed for to be done”

With patience, many prayers, and much anxiety Aspegren finally saw saw her vision become a reality.

“You want nothing more than to see the people of your villages drinking the clean water without worry of where the next sip will come from or if it will be clean or not,” Aspegren said. “You obsess over it and you’re anxious about, then one day you’re on the other side of the world and this thing that consumed your thoughts for the whole year is finally right in front of you.”

Aspegren will go back and visit Zimbabwe in the near future and continue to help others in her path.

“If you ever get a chance to serve people- do it!” said Aspegren. “If you have the chance to serve people in other countries or areas, do it. You will never regret helping someone else!”

Written by Jillian Shepherd

Features Editor